10 Natural Ways To Prevent And Combat Diabetes

10 Natural Ways To Prevent And Combat Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming an increasingly large problem in the western world and while people are often aware that they will most likely have to take chronic medications in the event that they develop this condition, there are few who are aware that there are natural ways to tackle this issue too. Since diabetes is a problem that could end up causing anything from blindness to a heart attack, it is most definitely worth looking into simply lifestyle changes and how they can assist someone in preventing or combating this serious condition.

joggingEating Well

One of the most effective ways of preventing the onset of diabetes is by eating a healthy diet. Since a poor diet is often what gets most people in trouble with diabetes in the first place, it is only natural that altering this might put them at least of a risk for developing the condition. According to Maneera Saxena of Health Kart;

Food may not have been scientifically proven to provide the body with positive results for controlling diabetes, but we know better. Many doctors agree that there are certain foods and supplements that help bring down blood sugar levels and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Of course, food might be more effective at preventing diabetes, rather than controlling it, but professionals are very aware of the negative effects of eating the wrong foods and how this can go about causing or worsening diabetes, so it helps to take this seriously. Just about any food that is able to lower the blood sugar levels will be considered diabetic-friendly, but this isn’t all that some of the best products on the market have to offer.

Raw vegetables are some of the best ingredients for a healthy meal that you can get. Low-starch vegetables, such as carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers are great additions to just about any meal and they taste great raw. If you find the taste a bit too bland, you can always choose to add some lemon or even ginger to the mix to spice up a raw food dish.


Superfoods fall into a completely different category than ordinary foods because they don’t just provide adequate nutrition, they are jam packed with disease fighting nutrients and they have beneficial effects on everything from the brain right down to a person’s toes. Beans, including kidney, black and pinto are all great food choices for a diabetic before they are high in fiber and assists a person in staying full for longer periods of time. Dark green leaves, such as spinach, are also great options, since according to Peggy Newman of USA Weekend, they don’t comprise many calories and so you can;

…eat all you want.

The Acai berry has recently become a very popular type of super food in recent years thanks to all of the vitamins and minerals that are packed into this tiny berry. The including of omega 9 and about 6 fatty acids make this berry a must for anyone struggling with diabetes, although of course it is important to limit the intake to healthy proportions.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels After You Eat

Those who are at risk for diabetes might not even be aware of this until a couple of years after they develop the condition. In order to prevent this possibility from becoming a reality, it might be a good idea for people to monitor their blood sugar levels after they have eaten, this should help them determine whether they are at risk and whether or not they need to modify their diet.

John Phillip of Technorati states the following;

Keep blood sugar readings one-hour after eating below 140 mg/dl and two-hour readings below 120 mg/dl to reduce disease risk.

Cut Out Refined Carbs

Preventing diabetes isn’t just about eating right, it’s also about not eating certain foods that could end up putting you at a higher risk. Refined carbs such as pasta, bread and even wheat based starches, for example, tend to greatly increase blood sugar levels in the blood. By cutting these out of your diet, you can rest assured that you’ll be well on your way to preventing the condition from striking when you least expect it.

Get Fit

According to the experts, it doesn’t matter what weight you start out at, if you lose about 7% of this, you’ll end up drastically cutting down your chances of developing diabetes. Keep in mind that losing weight is something that needs to be sustainable; basically, this means that you need to lose the weight in such a manner that you keep it off. Yo-yo dieting isn’t helpful because this doesn’t revolve around healthy eating choices. When you make a change, ensure it is one that is sustainable and that you can follow for the duration of your life; if not, you might want to start again and come up with something a bit more long term.

Cinnamon Extract

One of the more surprising tools that has come about because of research into diabetes is cinnamon and its effects on diabetes. According to New Natural Therapy;

Research suggests that cinnamon acts on insulin receptors similar to the way that insulin does and helps sugar in the blood to be more effectively used by cells.

People have known for years now that cinnamon can assist in controlling high cholesterol levels and since cholesterol tends to be one of the biggest health problems faced by diabetics in this day and age, it’s nice to know that the product will tackle both issues.

Diabetes is a chronic condition but this doesn’t mean that individuals can benefit from a high quality of life and prevent themselves from struggling with some of the nasty symptoms of this condition. By making smart lifestyle choices, a person doesn’t only have the chance to prevent the onset of diabetes, but they also have the opportunity to deal with it much more effectively, which is why it pays to consider looking into some the natural, healthy options that can assist with the condition.


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